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Only Faith Unites Us

June 15, 2012

Why do people of all ages, different backgrounds, cultures, races and creeds and from all over the world attend the International Eucharistic Congress? There are many different answers but faith is always located somewhere within the answer.

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A family affair

June 12, 2012

I was chatting today to Anna (7) and Christina O’Brien (5) who are at the Congress with their mum Marie and their granny, Mary Hardy. Their brother Tommy could not make it today. Marie and Mary wanted to be part of the Congress as Mary remembered the excitement of the last Congress in 1932. Mary was 4 at the time and thought the Congress was been held in Killarney as that is where she heard all the people were going to. It was only later that she realised that Killarney was where they were going, but to get the train to Dublin! I asked Anna and Christine what they thought was the best part of the day, and Christina said she thought it was the IEC2012 ear piece, as she could hear all the singing from the main Arena. For Anna, it was the fact that she had a day off school, but she also enjoyed the music. And for both girls, the rain ponchos were also a big bonus. Mary and Marie felt that it was better than they expected and were honoured to be here.

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Memories from the last Irish Eucharistic Congress

June 10, 2012

The last Eucharistic Congress in Ireland was 80 years and. And to celebrate that memory, there is a 1932 Exhibition at the RDS Library (open today in the morning only, but longer opening hours during the week). This blogger actually attended that Congress all of 80 years ago. And of course I found the exhibition fascinating. However it is hard for it to quite convey the how different times were back. My overarching memory as a 10-year boy is the stunning voice of the renowned signer, Count John McCormack, wafting through the air. For people at the time who would have had almost no access to radio or records, such singing was divine as it was unexpected. That’s maybe easy to forget with music so omnipresent today.

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