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Ready Set Go to the Chiara Luce Youth Space!

Posted by Fionnuala Dunne , June 09, 2012 at 09:00

The Youth Space is really kicking off at the moment, with technicians and builders running around assembling screens and lights – preparing for what promises to be a fantastic youth-faith experience for all the registered participants. The Chiara Luce Youth Space is targeted at 16 to 25 year olds, and it will be anything but boring!

We spoke to some of the youth space team – Anna & Suzie today, just to get the word on what’s happening there over the week. They’ve promised that this place is going to be the most exciting of the week, with high energy, time for prayer, but also music, bands, DJs and the works.

The youth team have worked hard on making the space into something very special. They hope the young adults to come with open minds and hearts to get a different experience of church, one that they haven’t had before. Most young people think of faith and religion as being boring but after a week in the Chiara Luce youth space, they will go back thinking ‘what a faith filled experience this was.’

There are lots of activities and workshops this week but we’ve got the low-down from Anna & Suzie about what not to miss. Obviously everything is brilliant and worth coming to see but check out some of these if you can.

On Tuesday at 7 – Bishop Lachner from Austria is coming with an Olympic skier who won gold in last winter Olympics to give a testimony. On Saturday, Bishop Frank from Brooklyn in New York is speaking. He’s said to be a very inspirational speaker. The Gardiner Street Gospel choir will be performing on Tuesday. And on Friday, Sagrra who specialize in brazilian gospel music are arriving to jazz things up even more. So we’ll have a little bit of Rio carnival spirit in the air as we celebrate our faith in music and dance.

This mix of physical and spiritual extends into the youth workshops going on through out the week. Sr Bernadette Purcell is giving a workshop on using the body to pray and to express our faith. Sean Feeney from Elation, will be teaching young people how to write their own songs. So who knows, maybe the next theme tune of World youth day will come out of one of these workshops! There will also be workshops on meditation and different ways of praying amongst others.

Along with the 700 registered individuals, Youth 2000, other charismatic groups, and dioceses throughout Ireland are bringing groups. Diocesan youth representatives have been working all year to prepare people for the congress.

An important aspect of the Youth Space is its ecumenical spirit. Archbishop Jackson of the Church of Ireland & Archbishop Martin have joined forces to make this event truly welcoming to both denominations and have given the youth team workers great freedom to make the events as ecumenical as possible. Both Anna who works with Catholic Youth Care and Suzie who works with 3 Rock Youth –– the youth initiative of the Church of Ireland in Dublin & Wicklow have a great understanding of what it means to be ecumenical They’ve been working together for almost 2 years on ecumenical projects, giving school workshops and also in Spirit FM. 3 Rock Youth were asked 4 years ago to join the congress team and to make it as ecumenical as possible. Suzie loves working with other denominations and getting to see other peoples faith angles. She believes it is important to respect one another’s faiths, to dialogue, to share and to support one another in faith. She’s delighted to be able to participate in this truly historical event and see community in action.

3 Rock are all about energising young people, both physically and spiritually so they will be kicking off each day with games and icebreakers to get you in the mood, or the spirit of things. One of the initiatives planned is ‘Get set go’ – this shows how worship and faith can be part of our daily life – how is it intertwined into our lives, not just something we do once a week

 So get yourself to the Youth Space this week and get energised in your faith!



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