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From Canada to Cardiff, the pilgrims are arriving in Dublin airport: And the volunteers are there to meet them.

Posted by Breda Shalloo, June 08, 2012 at 09:00

By Breda Shalloo

 There is no mistaking the vibrant volunteer uniforms and their welcoming greeting. In the true spirit of the Eucharist the volunteers are not only assisting pilgrims but are lending a helping hand to all travellers arriving in the airport in need of assistance. Indeed, who would have thought that knowledge of international dialling codes and bus routes would be as important as knowing the times of IEC2012 events.

It's said that the young spend time to save money while the elder spend money to save time.

Many of the younger pilgrims have taken some very roundabout routes to get to Dublin in a bid to keep costs down. One group from Windsor, Ontario travelled via stops in Chicago and Philadelphia before arriving into Dublin yesterday morning. Tired but happy to be here and upbeat despite the weather.

Some pilgrims are using the Congress to catch up with family in Ireland and there have been some touching scenes in the arrivals hall.

Volunteers are already making friends and some have arranged to meet up at some of the seminars and Masses. One volunteer, Eoin, has already swapped numbers with a visitor from Wilmington who has offered to look after him if ever happens their way .... Wonder if his wife will let him go?

 The Volunteers are also taking the opportunity to share the word on some of the many events taking place in various parishes during the week as well as promoting the many visitor attractions in Dublin.

 The congress officially starts on Sunday 10 June , Feast of Corpus Christi, with an Opening Ceremony and a Mass in the RDS.

Breda Shalloo



amanda says:

Thanks for the blog, nice to keep updated, keep up the good work, sending prayers!

Posted on : 08/06/2012

Anne says:

Great to hear about the wonderful atmosphere, Can't wait to get there - we will miss the opening Ceremony sadly but looking forward to the rest of the week, May the Holy Spirit pour out his Blessings on the whole church this week.

Posted on : 09/06/2012

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