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Comments on the Opening Ceremony

Posted by Mark McDermott, June 11, 2012 at 09:00

The Papal Nuncio to Ireland, Archbishop Charles J Brown:

When asked about his personal experience of the Opening Ceremony at the International Eucharistic Congress, the Papal Nuncio to Ireland, Archbishop Charles J Brown, commented:

“The opening Mass was outstandingly beautiful. You could feel the Holy Spirit descending on the congregation. I’m convinced that the Eucharistic Congress will be the beginning of a deep renewal in the Church in Ireland.”

“I should also add that the Congress is a great experience in the communion of the whole Church. I’ve just met a priest I know from Russia, a sister from the USA and a group of pilgrims from Taiwan.”


Patricia Monahan (Blanchardstown, Dublin):

“I found today’s ceremony particularly relevant for young people. The message of the significance of the transubstantiation of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ was presented loud and clear. Personally, I felt great peace and happiness here today.”


Sean Crosson (Balgriggan, Co Dublin):

“It was peaceful and inspiring. It was very comfortable despite being here for so long today. I found the pageant of the history of the Church in Ireland very inspiring and the music exceptionally moving. On the down side, I notice that there are 40 ‘welcome’ signs here today – all in English. There isn’t one ‘Fáilte’ sign. I thought it should have been 50/50 so that everybody would come to understand the meaning of ‘Fáilte’.”


Pauline O’Dwyer (originally from Athlone, but now living in Dublin):

“I thought that the pageant featuring the monks and singers was excellent, with its references to the Penal times and how we suffered for our faith – and how we’re experiencing something of those times again today. The contribution from the Archdiocese of Tuam was very good. ”


Maurice Spillane (Carraig na bhFear, Cork):

“I thought today’s Opening Ceremony today was excellent. The sound system was fabulous. There was a very good sense of communion, integration and the world family of Catholics.”


Mary Sweeney, with her husband John (Blackrock, Cork):

“It was fantastic -- very well organised. Everyone participated so well. We were very proud of our clergy and the choirs as well. I could feel the presence of God around me. My father was here at the 1932 Congress. I’m wearing his gold Pioneer Pin that he bought the weekend of the Congress in 1932, so we’re following in his footsteps here today.”


Michael J Crosby (Galway):

“I think it was very inspiring and very humbling from the Church’s point of view in terms of asking for forgiveness. I enjoyed the ceremony and the quality of the singing was excellent.”


Dr Chin-Chai Pan (Taipei, Taiwan):

“It was a wonderful experience to see so many people coming from every part of the world. I hope we have more and more Catholics in the world as a result! I will get great spiritual benefit from this pilgrimage to Ireland.”


Tsun-Ya Chang (Taipei, Taiwan):

“It was great, wonderful, awesome! I really feel that Jesus Christ is still with us. The music was so beautiful, especially the flute-playing. I really cried. I got quite emotional. ”


Yun-Ju Pan (Taipei, Taiwan):

“It’s been an awesome experience today. It is great to see so many people here from around the world. The Mass was very touching. I want to increase my faith here this week and create a greater personal spiritual commitment with the Lord.”



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