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Spiritual Shelter from the Downpours of Life

Posted by Mark McDermott, June 16, 2012 at 13:30

A torrential downpour during lunchtime forced me under the trees for shelter, along with several others, near the entrance gates to the Simmonscourt pavilion.

I spoke with IEC2012 volunteer, Teresa Kearns, from Killarney, Kerry. She has been serving as a spiritual director, with five others, during the Eucharistic Congress. She was due to do three half days this week, but because of the demand, has been spending full days in the Youth Space area assisting people with their problems.

Most people who come to ask their help are dealing with bereavement issues caused by the death of a spouse, by marriage separation or by the break-up of boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

She has been surprised by the demand, and when pressed on the issue, responded that people are simply not turning to their priests for assistance in dealing with these matters like they used to.

So, thanks to our spiritual directors who have been working extremely hard this past week – but don’t forget to turn to your priests. They’re there to listen and, most importantly, to help you, like Christ, along the pilgrimage of life.



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