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Events Otside the RDS - Anecdotes about Youth Ministry in Merrion Church

Posted by Fionnuala Dunne, June 16, 2012 at 17:30

Wandering through the youth space this morning I met Maura Jennings who has been doing great work for youth evangelization in Ireland for years. She is singing with the group Elation this week, but also spent a lot of her time in Merrion church, giving workshops during their wonderful youth ministry programme.

She recounted some beautiful little stories to me about the children who attended. One day when she was telling the story of Fatima and of the 3 shepherd children who saw our Lady, a young girl from Crumlin commented, ‘I know that place, I live there. And I’ve seen the 3 statues.’ The little girl lives in Fatima Mansions in Crumlin. Now she knows the story of Fatima, which is wonderful. She also told me another cute story. Thursday was the feast of St Anthony, and as they were speaking about St Anthony to the children, one little boy said, ‘There are 2 St Anthonys in heaven. That one, and my brother. He’s dead but he’s in heaven too.’ Another little girl was concerned for her granny. ‘She’s got no legs so she can’t go to church. She says her prayers at home. Is that ok?’ Children are so innocent and can say the most beautiful things.

Maura has a great talent for enlivening the faith and energizing the children. Merrion church was inundated with bus loads of children this week. Well done to all the wonderful volunteers who contributed to this ministry.



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