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Interview: Maura Garrihy – Elation

Posted by John Dunne, June 20, 2012 at 09:00

During the week of the International Eucharistic Congress, Elation have rocked the Youth Space with a young approach to worship. They have played songs with electric guitars and drums giving faith a real rock band feel with lyrics such as “Your grace is enough for me” and “Come, Holy Spirit, power from above”.

In 2005 a group of friends came together to create and perform music for retreats – Elation stands for “serve with joy”. The group have around 30 members from all around Ireland who are from a Christian faith but not all are Catholic. They aim to spread the good news of God thru worship and song.

Maura Garrihy is the PR Officer for Elation and I sat down with her on Saturday evening to discuss the week of Congress. Without question Maura believes the addition of the Youth Space and the peoples response to it was a huge success – because it highlights the believe in the young Catholic Church; the young people have responded by coming and celebrating the Word of God and it has proved that they are hungry for the truth.

Maura took one week off work to experience God’s love in every part of life and to encourage others to follow in God’s Word. She added that the Youth Space was a great platform to deepen your faith and that it is very important to have faith friends as a system of support.

Maura believes that the Gospel is still relevant today to people of all backgrounds – John 10:10 says "I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly”. It is important for it to become not only a reality but a spirit of joy for everyone and that we enjoy being a young Catholic in Ireland today.

The Gospel is serious but also should not be feared. All week Elation has helped to strike a balance in the Youth Space and, as Maura put it – “It’s a two way street, like talking, there are times to talk and times to be quiet”. God wants us to sing his praise as loudly as possible but we also need to be settled so God can talk directly to us.

Maura says that the Church in Ireland is facing a crisis and while that is very saddening; it is not the experience for the majority of believers nor is it the only the face of the Church. The Church is very sorry for the mistakes of the past and has put procedures in place to ensure it does not happen again. However, with these mistakes, it is crucial to remember that the Catholic Church will always be striving for a more pure and holy Church and that is an endless journey. We are all sinners and, through the act of confession, we are healed again and we need to continue to preach the Good News. Lastly, she added that we need to keep the victims and priests in our daily prayers and hope forgiveness can be achieved one day.

Without question the highlight of the week for Maura was the youth space, with people of all ages and all backgrounds coming in music and scripture, to enjoy life and forget the troubles of their outside lives.

Elation have just released their second CD and you can get more info on the CD and the group at



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