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A Spiritual Guide

Posted by John Dunne, June 21, 2012 at 09:00

As you walk into Simmoncourt Hall to register for your tickets, a group of five sets of two chairs in the middle of the room stand out, as well as the people sitting at this group of chairs: the spiritual guides. Some people might be confused at first of who they are, they are not mystics or fortune tellers but people that have felt a call to accompany others on the start of their journeys.

Their role comes from the old Celtic tradition called “Anam Cara” which means soul friend. No one can go on a journey on their own and the spiritual guides aim to act as a sounding board to listen to yourself while on that journey. The meeting is always a one to one conversation, but that includes a third presence – that of the Holy Spirit.

The spiritual guide tells me that the Holy Spirit should be present when big decisions need to be made – what to do and where to go? And we need prayer to call the Holy Spirit. In fact, life and prayer should not be separated. The spiritual guides help people to open their hearts to prayer on a daily basis. This takes time, just as the old saying they tell me: “as soon as you stand, you can’t climb Everest”.

If you are interested in learning more about spiritual guides or would like to organise an appointment, please go to or call 01 2776303.



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