Ireland introduces the new translation of the Roman Missal

Wednesday October 26, 2011

On Sunday 11 September 2011, the Catholic Church in Ireland started using the new translation of responses and prayers during Mass.

The third edition of the Roman Missal introduces a new translation of some prayers and responses said at Mass.

Parishes across the country have been preparing for these changes. Missalettes with the changes included, or Congregational cards with the new texts, are available at Mass. There are new translations for the following texts:

• the people’s response to the greeting by the priest
• I Confess
• the Gloria
• the Apostles’ Creed
• the acclamations for the Eucharistic Prayer, and
• the invitation to Communion.

There aren't any changes to the Order of the Mass or the structure.

Find out more about the new translation of the Roman Missal and download resources which explain the changes to prayers and responses.


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