Theology Symposium in Maynooth

Friday October 14, 2011

Theologians and academics from many countries will gather in Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth from 6 until 9 June 2012, for an international theology symposium on the Eucharistic ecclesiology of communion.

The theology symposium takes place in Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth the week before the 50th International Eucharistic Congress which is on in Dublin from 10-17 June 2012.

The theology symposium is a meeting of academics who will reflect on the theme of the 50th International Congress, The Eucharist: Communion with Christ and with One Another.

In 1962 the Second Vatican Council opened and strongly underlined the ecclesiology of communion. Fifty years on, the theology symposium in Saint Patrick's College, Maynooth examines the status questionis with the theme The Eucharistic Ecclesiology of Communion Fifty Years after Vatican II.

From 6-9 June 2012, scholars across the disciplines of theology (scripture, systematics, moral theology, liturgy, pastoral studies, missiology and ecumenics) will explore the question: How goes it today with the ecclesiology of communion in aspects?

Speakers include Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, Professor Dr Martin Stuflesser, Father Michael McCabe, Professor Piero Coda, Cardinal Kurt Koch and Cardinal Marc Ouellet.

Each day plenary sessions, liturgy, seminars and workshops will follow a daily theme. There will be round table discussions and dialogue with the halls. Translation facilities will be available. Participants who attend the theology symposium will be graduates (or equivalent) in theology. 

Find out more about speakers and events at the theology symposium in Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth.

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