Homily of Cardinal Séan Brady for the National Eucharistic Congress in Knock

Saturday June 25, 2011

The following are some highlighted points of the Homily of Cardinal Séan Brady, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, for the National Eucharistic Congress in Knock:

- “May this National Eucharistic Congress, and the International Congress next year, help to bring healing to the social, economic, spiritual and moral wounds that have so deeply afflicted our country and Church in recent times”
- bishops and priests anoint the sick before Mass in the Basilica: “May these days of grace bring healing, strength and peace to us all”
-“my hope is that those who have drifted away from regular Mass will hear the simple request of Jesus: Do this in memory of me”
- thanks young people for attending and encourages use of social media to invite others to be part of Ireland’s preparations for the International Eucharistic Congress 2012
- welcomes Saint Joseph’s Young Priests Society to Knock and thanks the Society for its many years of support for seminarians
- “Jesus is gentle and merciful and loving. He understands the weakness of the human condition. He reaches out to us with compassion and a love that heals. But Jesus is also challenging. He is not afraid to confront us about our laziness, our selfishness and our sin. He does so - He calls us to conversion - because these things hold us back from experiencing the fullness of life God wants us to have. This is the fullness of life that comes from our immersion in the Word of life and in the Eucharist – the Bread of Life”.

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