Bishop MacDaid welcomes Papal Legate and Papal Nuncio to Lough Derg

Wednesday June 13, 2012

Bishop Liam MacDaid, Bishop of Clogher, welcomed Papal Legate Cardinal Marc Ouellet and Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown to Lough Derg in County Donegal, yesterday 12th June.

Bishop MacDaid said:

" Your Eminence, Cardinal Ouellet, it is indeed a great honour for Bishop Duffy and myself to warmly welcome you to Saint Patrick’s Purgatory on Station Island in Lough Derg. On behalf of the faithful people of the Diocese of Clogher, we would wish you to convey to His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, our appreciation of the great honour he has bestowed on us by asking you to visit this historic island in your role as Papal Legate to the Fiftieth International Eucharistic Congress.

Your Excellency, Archbishop Brown, this is the first opportunity the people of the Diocese of Clogher have had to welcome you to Ireland as the representative of His Holiness and we are greatly encouraged that you have been able to accompany Cardinal Ouellet on his visit to this ancient site of prayer and penance.

All of us here present in St Patrick’s Basilica, distinguished members of the clergy, the Prior and Staff on the island, victims of child abuse and those on pilgrimage, we are aware that your visit here is a pastoral one. We know, Cardinal Ouellet, that you have come in the name of the Shepherd showing his love for the wounded sheep. We share the shame of these wounds. We share the admiration and appreciation of all good people who acknowledge the courage of those victims who have come forward and spoken.

Your Eminence and Your Excellency we join our hearts with yours in reaching out to all victims of abuse. We will cooperate with you and with His Holiness in every way we can to prevent this happening again. As we join you in acknowledging our own weakness and in listening to God’s nourishing word; as we share with you the wounded self-gift of our Saviour in the Eucharist, we are confident that God’s grace, so eloquently witnessed in your visit, can bring healing to us all".

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