Mouvement 2: Écoutez l'histoire (archive)

Handwriting your responsesHaving reflected on the experience of being dismissed to carry out a task, invite everyone to tell their story. This can be done in twos or in small groups. The purpose of this exercise is to allow each participant express their experience in story form.

Give time to this process. Before beginning invite all to prepare to tell the story with reference to the following:

How were you chosen?

How easy or challenging was it to listen to and remember instructions?

What were the concerns you had?

Why does this example stand out among all others?

The focus is less on the performance of the task and more on the experience of being chosen and sent.

Invite all to refrain from interrupting the story teller with questions or observations. Allow the story to flow.

When story telling concludes invite everyone to a moment of stillness to reflect once more on their own experience of being chosen, of being entrusted with a task and setting out to fulfil it.

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