Gluaiseacht 3: Glacadh an fís (archive)

Reading the BibleHaving reflected on the dynamic of being sent or dismissed in general we begin to turn our attention to that dynamic in the celebration of the Eucharist.

To both broaden and focus our vision of this dynamic, texts from the Scriptures and the tradition of the Church are offered here. Accounts of people being called and being sent abound in the Scriptures, the theme is a constant in the writings of saints and scholars of every age and is the concern of every member of the Church.

The dynamic of being called and sent is summed up in the term "vocation". However this is not limited to choosing whether you should be married or a priest or a religious. Vocation, the process of being called and sent, is the lifestyle of all the Baptised, and happens on a daily basis. As we have seen, Christ gathers or calls us and this is the essence of "vocare", the Latin verb "to call", that we translate as "vocation".

Think also of the term "invocation" - we invoke, or call upon the Holy Spirit, not just once or only for guidance when faced with decisions of great consequence. Every gathering for Eucharist is a "convocation", when we are called together. But Christ calls us not simply to be together for gathering's sake, but rather to nourish us for mission, His mission.

Look through the texts below. Select one or two that might serve you or your group best. The hope is that the reader will grow in her or his understanding of their own call, with a view to developing their own sense of being sent at the conclusion of the Mass by Christ to be his ambassador in their own locality. It might be helpful to take a sample from the Biblical section, and from the Catechism and something on the liturgy bearing in mind that the aim of the Pastoral Programme has been to equip the participant with the necessary tools to be able to participate more fully in the celebration of the Eucharist and in the Christian life.

For a fruitful reading of the selected text or texts readers might ask themselves and perhaps make note of the following:

What are the keys elements in this text?

What implications are there for the Church?

What implications are there for me?

Linger with imagery, savour discoveries, engage with challenges, be confirmed in faith and enjoy the journey.

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