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Congress Countdown:

Text and Videos of Congress homilies, testimonies, catechesis & workshops

Texts from Theology Symposium Speakers' talks and Emerging Scholars' papers

The Publication of the Congress Proceedings

We are publishing the Proceedings of the Congress in three volumes:
- Proceedings of Plenary Sessions (Volume 1)
- Selection from Concurrent Sessions (Volume 2)
- Proceedings of the International Symposium of Theology (Volume 3)
These will be available from Veritas shops and online from November 2012. Read more here.

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Closing Greetings from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin at the Statio Orbis 

Papal Legate's Homily at the Statio Orbis

Homily of Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Papal Legate, at the final Mass of the Congress

Post Congress Pastoral Resources 

The journey of the Congress continues... Check out the Post Congress Pastoral Resources prepared to assist you on the way. Why not also visit the previous pastoral resources? They are very helpful to continue reflecting on the Eucharist, as communion with Christ and with one another.

Foundational Document of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress

Prepared by a Theological Commission (made up by experts in the fields of biblical studies, liturgy, theology, anthropology, pastoral theology and ecumenism) this publication incorporates pastoral and theological reflections to provide the basis for an appropriate spiritual renewal. 

English / Español / Franςais / Italiano

Chinese / German / Portuguese

Next Congress Announced: Philippines 2016