Brother Alois Löser

Br Alois Loser

Brother Alois was born in 1954 in Bavaria, Germany, where his parents, originally from Czechoslovakia, had settled after World War II. As a teenager he was active in St. Nikolaus parish in eastern Stuttgart. After living in Taizé for an extended period as a volunteer, he became a member of the community in 1974. As a brother, he made numerous international visits and coordinated Taizé European youth meetings in cities across the continent. Brother Alois was chosen by Brother Roger, the founder of the Taizé Community, as his successor in 1998. He became the prior of the community after Brother Roger's tragic death in 2005.

The Community began in 1940 and is made up of a hundred brothers, from various Christian backgrounds, coming from around thirty nations. By its very existence, it is a "parable of community" that wishes to be a sign of reconciliation between divided Christians and separated peoples. Over the years, young adults from every continent have been coming to Taizé in growing numbers to take part in weekly meetings of reflexion and prayer.

Title of event Catechesis on Communion and Baptism
Description of event Catechesis
Date of event Monday 11th June
Language English

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