Dr Maria Voce

Dr Maria VoceDr Maria Voce, from Coscenza, Italy, is President of the international Focolare Movement. With a background in both canon law and civil law she has devoted herself completely to the work of the Focolare movement since 1963. 

This included living in Istanbul for ten years, where she formed many important interfaith and ecumenical relationships. Dr Voce became President of Focolare in 2008 following the death of Chiara Lubich, the movement’s founder. She is now based in Focolare’s International Centre, Rome, and is a consultor at the Pontifical Council for the Laity. 

Event 1

Monday 11th June

 Testimony: Word of Life                                                               

Italian - Main Arena

Event 2

Saturday 16th June

Community Meeting: Living a Spirituality of Communion Today

Dr Maria Voce and Fr Giancarlo Faletti

Hall 2B -  Italian and English

Watch video of Dr Maria Voce's Testimony on Monday 11th June at the Congress

Read text from Dr. Maria Voce's Testimony - ENGLISH - FRENCH - SPANISH - ITALIAN

Watch video of the Workshop "Living a Spirituality of Communion Today", by Dr Maria Voce and Fr Giancarlo Faletti

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