Deacon Tony Schmitz

Deacon Tony SchmitzDeacon Tony Schmitz was ordained a deacon in 2002. He is the Director of Studies on behalf of the Scottish Conference of Bishops in their national programme of diaconal formation.

He chairs the board of International Diaconate Centre-North Europe Circle and in 2012 was appointed the Anglophone consultant to the Internationales Diakonatszentrum (IDZ) based in Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

He is the founding co-editor of the journal New Diaconal Review and a contributor to Deacons: Ministers of Christ and of God’s Mysteries published by Veritas, Dublin. Currently he is working on a comprehensive Enchiridion on the Diaconate to be published in 2014.

Title of event The Permanent Diaconate: A Partnership in Ministry
Description of event The Deacon in Diocese and Parish: “Table waiters without the tips: that’s what you are.” What is a deacon?  What is a deacon not? Why does the Church need them? How will deacons help in the New Evangelisation? What part does a deacon play in collaborative ministry? Is he ordained for service in diocese or parish? These are some of the questions to be addressed in this presentation. 
Date of event Wednesday 13th June
Language English

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