Father Derek Farell

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The Parish of the Travelling People, established in 1980, covers the whole of the Archdiocese of Dublin. Father Derek Farrell, Parish Priest since 2007 accompanies members of the Traveller Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Team in presenting this workshop.

The co-presenters are Nancy Collins, Geraldine McDonnell, Pauline McDonnell, Noreen Ward, Georgina Jameson, Martin Rowan, and guest co-presenter Cathleen McDonagh. The Question & Answer panel will be drawn from the co-presenters, other team members Cairenn Bryson, Sister May Nyhan, Colin Thomson, Marcella Wynne, and from among the other Parish Pastoral Council members.

Title of event Travelling Towards Inclusion… Travelling Towards Communion
Description of event Workshop

The Traveller faith: how does it reflect communion, both within the Traveller community and in the wider faith community? You are invited to an exploration in story, image, poetry, shared experience and insight by Fr Derek Farrell and his team.
Date of event Thursday 14th June
Language English

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