Ms Mary Duggan

Ms Mary DugganMs Mary Duggan was born profoundly deaf and has been involved with the National Chaplaincy for Deaf People in Dublin for many years. An opportunity arose where there was a course for deaf enthusiasts to take up a two year Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies in Manchester.

From this training course, Mary received opportunities to provide ways of spreading the 'Good News' to the Deaf Community. She studied a diploma in Irish Deaf Language Teaching at the Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College for two years.

Mary now lives in Kerry where she cares for her elderly father and brother, and she also teaches Irish Sign Language.

Title of event The Deaf Person in the Life of the Church
Description of event Workshop

Listening/seeing the story of the Deaf person in the life of the Church and how the gifts and talents of Deaf persons (clergy and lay) are celebrated around the world. This workshop will illustrate how we may nourish one another (Deaf or hearing) as one Body in Christ.
Date of event Friday 15th June
Language English

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