Recommended books on the Eucharist

The Eucharist as a theme in art, philosophy, theology and science is explored in several publications which are suitable reading during the year of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress.

IEC2012 recommends reading about the Eucharist in the titles listed below.


The Eucharist: Communion with Christ And With One Another
Theological and Pastoral Reflections in Preparation for the 50th
International Eucharistic Congress

This publication was prepared by a Theological Commission of experts in biblical studies, liturgy, theology, anthropology, pastoral theology and ecumenism.  There are pastoral and theological reflections to provide the basis for an appropriate spiritual renewal.

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Theological document
Eucharist and the Living Earth
Hugh O'Donnell

Hugh O'Donnell explores how the cosmic dimension of
the Eucharist draws us into communion not alone with 
Christ and with one another but with the whole 

He reflects on the connection between caring 
for the earth and celebrating Eucharist.
Eucharist and the Living Earth
The Word is Flesh and Blood: 
The Eucharist and Sacred Scripture
edited by Vivian Boland OP and Thomas McCarthy OP

This collection of reflections from international scholars
considers the place of the Old Testament in Christian
worship, the Psalms and the New Testament, especially
the Gospels. In 15 chapters, scholars explore the biblical 
sources and inspiration for the movement of the Mass.
The Word is Flesh and Blood
While They Were at Table
Anna Burke

Anna Burke ponders some of the images and metaphors
from Pop Benedic XVI's encyclical Sacramenutm Caritatis
and offers resources for personal and communal
prayer and group reflection.

Part one: Prayers At Table leads us on a journey through
the Mass. Part two: Stories at the Table explores key
texts from Scripture which direct us to the table of 
While They Were at Table
Art and the Eucharist
Eileen Kane

Eileen Kane explores and ponders some of the wonderful
artistic works created on the theme of the Eucharist. 

Masterpieces by Rosselli, da Vinci, Bouts, Dalí and others are 
examined. Treasures of Irish Christian art including the
Ardagh and De Burgo-O'Malley chalices are looked at
in detail.
Art and the Eucharist
From Big Bang to Big Mystery
Brendan Purcell

Father Brendan Purcell explores the complex question:
where did human beings come from? He considers the
human mystery in the light of creation and

The book traces the material part of our
origins from the Big Bang through evolution, including
the 7 million-year hominid sequence up to
the first humans in Africa over 150, 000 years ago. 
From Big Bang to Big Mystery

Treasures of Irish Christianity
edited by Salvador Ryan and Brendan Leahy

In short articles leading scholars of history, liturgy,
theology, philosophy, art history and Celtic Studies
reflect on Christian tradition in Ireland from the fifth
to the twenty-first century. There is an emphasis on the 
relationship between Irish people and the Eucharist.


Treasures of Irish Christianity

Your Child's Confirmation
Gerard Gallagher

This book explains the background to the sacrament and
details what happens on Confirmation day. There is a 
question and answer section as well as common prayers
and tips on how to live as an active disciple of Jesus. 

Your Child' Confirmation

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