Movement 5: Decide and Act

Hearing and responding

Participants are invited to reflect on the desired outcome of having heard God speak in the context of the celebration of Eucharist and how they will live their response – in Communion with Christ and their neighbour. Asking ourselves the questions:

  • how can we prepare ourselves and our community to listen more effectively?
  • how can we ensure that our listening is translated into action (e.g. service and the work of justice?)

This is presented as the natural outcome of having been gathered to hear and to be nourished by the Word of the Lord. 

The wordAt this final Movement of Stage II the primary intent is that participants not simply have learnt something about “hearing” (though this is important) but that they learn for their living. Practical actions and outcomes are required at this stage.

This Movement invites the participants to look at their options and choices around hearing and what one needs to put in place for it to be effective.

At this point it might be helpful to recall some elements of the theme of this Stage - We gather at invitation, and the One who invites calls the assembly to hear a Word that nourishes and forms us into community.

A living response to the Word

Resources for Movement 5


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