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Early Christian Cross in ClonmacnoisAccommodation for Pilgrims

Over the years, a tradition of hospitality has grown up around the International Eucharistic Congress. In the best spirit of Eucharist, there is a real desire to ensure that nobody is excluded because they can’t afford to be there. The organisers of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress are now actively seeking offers of accommodation in family homes in the Dublin area, and particularly in areas which have good bus or rail links to the Royal Dublin Society (RDS). 

Who would you have in your home?

Most of the requests that we are receiving are from places like Peru, Ecuador, the Philippines and Bangla Desh. For pilgrims travelling from these distant places, travel costs are already quite significant. Many of them would be unable to come if they also had to cover the cost of their accommodation. Yet their presence here is an important expression of solidarity with us, coming as they do from countries which have a strong missionary connection with Ireland.

What would you be asked to do?

Broadly speaking, we hope that you might receive an individual pilgrim - or perhaps a couple - into your home between Saturday 9th June and Monday 18th June 2012, provide them with a simple clean bedroom and, if possible, breakfast each day.

Pilgrims will all be over 18 years of age and will not be placed in homes where there are children or vulnerable adults. This takes away any concern about safeguarding which might otherwise arise. All pilgrims staying in hosted accommodation will have to be referred to us by the national delegate of their home country.

The Letter to the Hebrews tells us: Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels. It is indeed a big thing to welcome a stranger into your home, but people who offer hospitality are often enriched by the experience themselves. 


Guidance for accommodation hosts

Please note the following guidance for hosts offering accommodation to pilgrims:

  • For safeguarding reasons the host family must not include children less than 18 years of age or vulnerable adults.
  • The guest pilgrim will be 18 years or older.
  • Accommodation must be within easy reach of public transport connections which would provide reasonable access to the Royal Dublin Society (RDS), Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.
  • Depending on their journey, some pilgrims may wish to arrive on 9th June 2012 and depart on 18th June 2012.

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