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Young people take part in Run4UnityFocolare and the 50th International Eucharistic Congress have prepared a Youth Pastoral programme using the medium of sport, Run4Unity!

Run4Unity is a youth pastoral programme which through sport offers young people the challenge of living authentic Christianity today.

Run4Unity is an international sports marathon which also took place in 2005 and 2008. The previous marathons involved over 100,000 young people of all races, religions and cultures in 182 cities. In 2012 Irish teenagers will join with tens of thousands of their peers in significant locations around the globe for the third world wide relay race to express their desire for a more united world and to raise funds for scholarships in developing countries.

Your School is invited to participate:


  • Communion with Christ; Through Living His Words in our daily life. Engaging in the preparation programme; through six Maths symbols. Each symbol is linked to a line of Scripture from the Gospel. Your class is invited to live one each month. There will be a forum to communicate the experiences of all the participating classes by emailing

  • Communion with One another - Schoolmates project. Enrolling for the Run4Unity! Your class will receive sponsorship cards, T-Shirts etc. The sponsorship money raised in this event will be used directly to educate of teenagers in developing countries (as in 2005 and 2008). For those who wish, there is the option of linking in with a class in a developing country by contacting or visiting Schoolmates website

  • You have the option of arranging your own Run4unity to coincide with the International Event. This could be part of your school’s sports day in the weeks leading up to 12th May 2012. You can also attend and or send your winning runners/team to represent your school at the National Run4Unity in the grounds of Stormont in Belfast on12th May 2012. To take part in Run4Unity in Belfast, you need to register on or before Friday 27th April 2012. Download Run4Unity registration form.  Read more about Run4Unity on the YouthforUnity website

  • The culminating Run4Unity Celebration for participating schools/youth clubs will be held as a central part of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress programme in the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in June 2012. All students registered for the Run4Unity will receive a ticket for the event on 16th June 2012 at 2pm in the RDS Simmonscourt Complex. This event will be an integral part of the schools' programme at the 50th International Eucharistic Congress.


Run4Unity resource packs are available on request.

A Run4Unity resource pack includes: Download
Secondary school students present the Run4Unity project

Watch three videos about Run4Unity 
Four Posters around each of the goals

Poster for Let's Colour the Grey Corners (Maths Signs) 


Poster for Schoolmates


Poster for Run4Unity


Poster for Run4Unity Celebration at the 50th International Eucharistic Congress


Six maths symbols (A4 pages in colour)

plus symbol 
division symbol 
equals symbol 
multiply symbol
percentage symbol 
minus symbol 

School students outline the Schoolmates project (PowerPoint)

Schoolmates project PowerPoint

Text about Schoolmates project  PDF

The programme is designed to enhance the personal development of those young people who participate and fully meets the needs of both the CSPE and Religious Education Junior Certificate project work.

It is ideally suited to develop pupils’ capacities in building authentic relationships with people of all ages and backgrounds and developing a deeper understanding of their place in today’s global society.

For more information on the project or to order a complete resource pack for your classroom contact Ms Irene Jovras by email  or by telephone: 086 089 8740.

How do the maths symbols work in daily life?
Read examples from schoolchildren who recognised the maths symbols at work in their lives.


  Video resources about Run4Unity around the world

Watch a video from Focolare with young people describing why they joined the Run4Unity.


Watch a video from Focolare about Run4unity in May 2008 when young people in 182 cities across the world took part. 

Watch a video to find out more about how Schoolmates projects help young people in developing countries.

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