Congress Week Resources (Archive)

The Congress Week resources are for parish or faith communities who cannot travel to Dublin for the 50th International Eucharistic Congress but wish to live the experience of prayer and reflection programmed for all participants in Congress. They are designed to bring together the liturgy of the day and the theme for each day of the Congress in a reflective manner.

The resources can be adapted to suit the needs of the community and it is hoped that they assist the community to participate in the journey mapped out for Congress Week.  

The Congress Week resources include liturgies of the Word and prayer services. 

General structure 

The simple structure of the liturgy is adaptable and easy to use. While offering some reflections in this text, to get the most out of it you will need copies of the Magnificat liturgy booklet specially produced for Congress week. The Magnificat contains the gospel passages, intercessions, litanies and reflections referred to below. The Magnificat should be available through your parish.

Introduction Congress hymn (verses 1 and 2 or 4)
All stand Introduction to the theme
If extended invite the assembly to be seated.
Liturgy of the Word
All sit Gospel reading in silence
Follow the readings of the day as in Magnificat
All stand Gospel proclaimed
All sit Guided reflection on the Gospel
Procession Veneration of the Word
All stand Intercessions/prayers of the faithful
As in Magnifcat
The Lord's Prayer
Conclusion Congress prayer
Congress hymn (verses 4 or 5 and 6)


The liturgy can be led by a lay person, deacon or priest. Readers should be involved, congregational singing of the Congress hymn, Though we are many, is highly recommended. Ample time should be given to moments for silence.

We hope these texts serve you well as you celebrate the Congress and journey into renewal seeing the Eucharist as communion with Christ and with one another.

There is a liturgy for each day of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress. 

Sunday 10th June Download PDF
Monday 11th June Download PDF
Tuesday 12th June Download PDF
Wednesday 13th June Download PDF
Thursday 14th June Download PDF
Friday 15th June  Download PDF
Saturday 16th June Download PDF
Sunday 17th June Download PDF

Other ways of participating in the Congress without attending

We ask you to pray for us and to join us on our website, social media and app, as we will be uploading reports to our Blog on everything that is happening in the Eucharistic Congress Village, as well as photographs, videos and speakers' talks.

We will also be updating information on broadcasted events through television, radio and online every day