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IEC2012 intends to have an on-line shop available in 2011 where individuals will be able to purchase items to assist with their preparation for the congress. In the mean time we have an order form for parishes and dioceses to order our first catalogue of products in bulk. The order form can be downloaded here.
As an individual we encourage you to place an order for items you are interested in receiving through your parish office or Diocesan representative. A copy of our Hymn and Prayer can be downloaded for free. For the Hymn click here and for the Prayer click here. 
We will also notify subscribers to our newsletter when the Online Shop for individuals will be open in 2011. If you would like to be included in this notification please subscribe here.

All IEC2012 items and resources will be available to purchase at merchandise stands during the week of the Congress, from 10th until 17th June.

Theological ReflectionsThe Eucharist: Communion With Christ and With One Another, Theological and Pastoral Reflections in Preparation for the 50th International Eucharistic Congress.

This publication was prepared by a Theological Commission (made up by experts in the fields of biblical studies, liturgy, theology, anthropology, pastoral theology and ecumenism) incorporating pastoral and theological reflections to provide the basis for an appropriate spiritual renewal.

- Download online version for free here : 

  English / Español / Français / Italiano

- Read online edition in German
- Read online edition in Portuguese

- Purchase hard copy from Veritas, through their shops or online.

The Italian edition, L’Eucaristia:comunione con Cristo e tra noi, Riflessioni teologiche e pastorali in preparazioneal 50° Congresso Eucaristico Internazionale is also available to buy online from Liberia Teologica.  

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