Volunteering for the Eucharistic Congress

Dear IEC2012 Volunteer,

We would like to express our sincerest thanks from the Volunteer Services team for your dedication and effort before and during the 50th International Eucharistic Congress. The feedback has been overwhelming and the praise for Volunteers has been fantastic.

Volunteers were central and integral in every aspect of the Congress. Every volunteer brought their time, talents and skills to every role. The positive feedback from cardinals, bishops, priests, pilgrims, staff, suppliers and many others has been quite striking in their compliments for the volunteers. In the running of the week-long event, there were many challenges that volunteers encountered and resolved. Your contribution in this regard was immense.

We cannot thank you enough for the huge generosity of heart displayed so evidently last week. We hope the experience of the Congress was both enjoyable and rewarding for you and that you are abundantly blessed for your kindness and commitment.

Again, many many thanks.


Yours sincerely

Paul Rooney, Selina O’Regan, Pauline O’Meara and all the IEC2012 Staff


Paul Rooney Selina O Regan Pauline O Meara

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